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by a fan, for the fans

{unofficial tumblr}

I just repost pictures+ from their official websites to here because they currently don't have an official tumblr.

Nothing is mine.

Presenting the master of duplication… Mr. Benjamin Backus everybody!

Who wants to see a quality film & have a good laugh this weekend? Well, Moms’ Night Out just opened in theaters.

Have a listen to our NEW single Fix My Eyes on YouTube http://youtu.be/Yd2we03Sy4I or add to your playlist on iTunes http://smarturl.it/fixmyeyes

We’ve laughed, cried, argued, been in each other’s weddings and spent countless hours in automobiles and aircrafts together, and we’re stronger for it!

Ladies & Lads. Lend us your ear, and consider voting for your favorite, artist, band & sportsman. (and click this link to vote for us: http://vote.klovefanawards.com/)

Let the drums roll… Tracking begins with Timmy Jones today!

Music that was born out of sincerity and celebration, and out of my church (Journey) in Franklin, TN! Proud to call this fellow duo, All Sons & Daughters our friends. PS Their new record is out as of today!

So our spring tour mates, Casting Crowns are nominated at the K-LOVE Fan Awards! They are a band of true character and passion for serving others. Let’s show ‘em a little love? Vote here: http://vote.klovefanawards.com/

The final moments of the Thrive Tour were ‘mark’ed by Mark Hall joining us for an impromptu fK&C gang-vocal session in the bus bunk area.


After 37 concerts, 26 states, 19,417 Miles, 153,484 in attendance, 1080 feet of gaff tape, 510 hotel rooms, 13,000+ water bottles & over 60lbs of peanut M&Ms it’s time to say so-long to the Thrive Tour. Our heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Casting Crowns for allowing us to be part of the journey, as well as to each of your who joined us at the shows! The last 2 1/2 months have been, inspiring, spiritual and one of the highlights of our time as a band. Goodnight from Charleston, WV.

It’s a rare occasion that all five of us brothers are together. But one week ago today the youngest of the group Josh (left) was married in Franklin, TN to his high school sweetheart Emily. What a profound day.

After a $5 bet by her granddaughter, this happened…

What road-life writing & recording looks like… Cooped up in the bus back lounge. Pictured: producers @_teddt_ + #benglover. Photograph by: #seanhagwell

We feel your love and generous support of our new single Fix My Eyes… Our sincere thank you! And to those who missed it, click here to download from iTunes: http://smarturl.it/fixmyeyes


If you can picture it, it was fall 2012. We were crisscrossing the United States on our 1st ever fall tour. There were 9 of us stacked in a 15 passenger van including Luke’s wife Courtney, who happened to be seven months pregnant at the time. Speaking of Luke and Courtney, they were also right in the middle of trying to buy their 1st home, which was going poorly to say the least. Joel on the other hand was walking through an very unstable time in a relationship. And to top it off, Luke had begun feeling unwell leading to him being diagnosed with a digestive disorder. In contrast, all of this took place while our debut record CRAVE was being embraced with open arms and one song in particular, “The Proof of Your Love” had become an anthem to folks around the globe. It was in this moment, in the mayhem, that we sat quietly in a room together and asked ourselves several questions. Who are we? Why are we here? What do we stand for as men, and as musicians? From there, we came up with a list of sorts, which was…

…to love like we’re not scared.
Give when it’s not fair.
Live life for another.
Take time for a brother.
Fight for the weak ones.
Speak out for freedom.
Find faith in the battle.
Stand tall, but above it all…
Above all those ‘good’ things, let’s aim for the best thing. Let’s set our sights on heaven…

Let’s fix our eyes on God.

As tends to happen with musicians, out of that list was born a song. And now, a little over a year later, and after opening with this tune at almost every show since, we proud and quite pleased to present it to you. This is the first single from our upcoming sophomore record, this is, “Fix My Eyes.” (Click below to download now: http://smarturl.it/fixmyeyes)